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Meet the Teachers

A Pleasant Teacher: PaulA Pleasant Teacher: Paul
by Kamaljeet; April 27, 2009
Kamaljeet introduces us to Paul, a teacher working in our evening program.  Read the story


TrudiA Charismatic Teacher: Trudi
by Natalia; June 2, 2008
 Natalia provides a charming portrait of a favourite teacher. Read the story

My Teacher LouiseMy Teacher Louise
by Hongxin; May 3, 2008
 Hongxin gives us a personal account of a favourite teacher. Read the story

A Young Teacher: RenukaA Young Teacher: Renuka
by Ruth; April 21, 2008
 Ruth writes about her experiences with a helpful teacher, Renuka. Read the story


A Patient, Diligent Teacher: LA Diligent, Patient Teacher: L
by Suzanne; April 7, 2008
 Suzanne writes about one of her favourite teachers at the PALC. Read the story

A Free-Spirited Teacher: BradA Free-Spirited Teacher: Brad
by Masaru, April 7, 2008
Masaru documents the life journey that brought Brad to the PALC. Read the story


The Warmhearted Science Teacher: Tazim (June 10, 2007)
She always starts her classes the same way: “Now students . . .” As a student, especially a newcomer, her careful enunciation was a blessing. Read more . . .

An Active Canadian Teacher: Helen (May 27, 2007)
Active at the ALC and in Brazil, Helen also loves to play tennis! Read more . . .

Dina: An All-Round Teacher (May 13, 2007)
Trouble in Math? Then ask Dina at the lab for a solution! Read more . . .

Rick: Surprising Family Man (April 14, 2007)
The first in a series of teacher profiles. Read more . . .