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Meet the Teachers

An All-Round Teacher: Dina
by Ritsuko

Have you noticed the variety of plants with their healthy leaves beside Room 4? For many years, Dina has taken care of them as carefully as she has her students’ progress.

Dina has long experience in teaching. While she was a university student, she worked as an instructor at a children’s camp. Inspired by the teaching activity, after graduating from university, she began pursuing her career in New Westminster School District, starting as a support staff in 1994.

After she had worked for SIGMA, Young Adult Program, for 6 years, Dina became a teacher at the PALC in 2003. “Working with adult students is interesting,” she said, “because they have experienced life.”

During summer break, Dina teaches summer school in the high school. The intensive course requires a change in classroom management and is a major adjustment for her. Doesn’t she feel it’s difficult? “Just different--I enjoy teaching,” she responded.

In the lab, Dina helps the students solve their problems in Math. Her one-on-one instruction has encouraged the self-paced students at all levels. “Practice and understand the basic concepts of Math.” she suggested in order to improve, “but the best is to ask for help.” She said that the students try too much by themselves. “Come and ask the teachers for help,” she advised.

This term, Dina has been teaching Social Studies 9 and 10 in the evening. As usual, her lessons start with a Brain Teaser, a visual puzzle. “Just have fun,” she explained, “but the main purpose is everybody focuses at the same starting point.” She said her students look happy learning new vocabulary and thinking. “They’re quite pleased.”

Dina’s classroom, Room 2, is amusing. She decorates it with colourful tags with review questions--“Who am I?” The exercises and resources can enjoyably lead her students to remember the previous lessons. Before her class begins, she also prepares several work sheets for the students such as, a map, a crossword, a vocabulary quiz and scrambled questions. “I try to make the review interesting,” she said, smiling.

About Dina

Graduated in Psychology and Biology at Simon Fraser University. She holds Bachelor of Arts and a Certificate in Liberal Arts. Afterward, she attended the Professional Development Program for a year at the same university.

Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Books: Harry Potter Series
Pastime: Gardening
Hobby: Keeping tropical fish. (She has 3 aquariums.)