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A Patient, Diligent Teacher: L
by Suzanne; April 7, 2008


I have met many good teachers at the PALC since I started my lessons in 2002. They not only are diligent but also patient with students. Their kindness has motivated me to continue my study, especially teacher Lís, which I have appreciated very much.

As I was doing my grade 11 self paced in the Lab, L asked, ďDo you need help?Ē I was surprised because I had never encountered a teacher who was as kind as he. This consideration made me feel grateful, and I have remembered his understanding since.

Teacher L, Cheng Lok, was born in the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. His ancestors were from Fu Chien province, which is located in the south east of China, but he was born and grew up in Malaysia.

When he was twelve years old, his father passed away and his mother suffered from depression for many years. The suffering he confronted didnít defeat him but , instead, made him stronger. I admire his fortitude.

L has succeeded in various subjects. He studied Economics at Dundee University in Scotland and graduated from the University of Malaya, majoring in English literature. Now he is taking education psychology at UBC. He joined in many sports teams when he was a student: squash, running, and table tennis. What a talented and energetic teacher he is! His excellent accomplishments are great examples for everyone.

He has been teaching for twenty-one years. His courses include Introduction to Math 11, English Grammar, Literature and Composition 9, and Social Studies 8. Last semester, he instructed Entrepreneurship 12. Next semester, he will teach Data Management 12. I studied grammar with him when I was in grade 10. I still remember that he answered the studentsí questions clearly.

More about L:

Favorites: Literature and Composition
Food: see (not sea) food that means he is not picky about food. Whatever food he sees, he likes it.
Activities: hiking, camping, traveling and squash
Religion: tending to Buddhism
Quote: Stay in the moment
Book: Books with a historical or cultural background, for example, The Kite Runner, a book about Afghanistan
Hobbies: reading, spending quality time with his three children

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