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Being a Student at PALC: Teachers and the Lab
by Maria; June 5, 2011


Do you have a dream to update your education? You may start now and go to Pearson Adult Learning Centre , talk to the teachers, and follow your heart’s desire to finish high school. I believe learning is for every day and every body.

Although I had my degree in my own country, I realized that living and working here in Canada  I have to standardize my education. Therefore, I took the step in taking some refresher subjects at this centre.

First, I took a Biology 12 with Mrs. Tazim. She is a very kind and intelligent teacher with a mastery of the subject. I also enjoyed this course as I have discovered many different scientific systems inside our body and now I more firmly believe there is a powerful God.

I am currently enrolled in Writing 12 at the PALC. Mr. Brad is our teacher in this subject; he is lively and encourages to us to write on as many topics as are under the sun. This subject is very interesting because you can use your English comprehension in listening, writing, reading, and vivid thinking. Additionally, you will learn how to make a book review, limerick writing, and other poetic devices. I am beginning to love this subject because I can write on any topics assigned using my vivid imagination in writing and hoping I could improve my ability in this course.

In the class, Mr. Brad, my classmates and I are doing writing warm ups on the topics taught. As soon as we are done with our work, we check each one’s work where we could see our writing errors or avoid what not to write in our written essays. In this way, we can see the areas to be improved. The subject flows smoothly as Mr. Brad is always there to coach us how to become more imaginative and effective in writing on different topics.

After my class in Writing 12, I go to the lab to continue my self-paced Math. The lab is the middle room of the PALC. It has a few tables in the middle and on the four sides of the room, surrounded by some chairs and computers. There are some book references and answer sheets available on the shelves where the students can check their assignments with the correct answers.

Whenever I find a hard chapter in Mathematics, Mr. Paul is always there at the lab and asks me, “Is there anything I could do for you?” I said, “Yes, I need your help in solving this problem as it’s a bit complicated.” Mr. Paul immediately grabs a chair, sits beside me and teaches me how to solve and get the right answer. He is very friendly and a master  of Mathematics.

There were times Mr. Paul was not there, and Ms. Jennifer was on duty that time in the Lab. I found one chapter very difficult then I approached Ms. Jennifer. She grabbed a chair, sat beside me and she showed me how to solve it quickly. Ms. Jennifer is also very friendly and approachable so I have no hesitation in asking her. Once you know the chapter well, you can ask them to give you the test or answer sheet and take the test.

Without the help of the teachers available in the lab, I would find Mathematics very hard as I took it many years ago. So, students of PALC, if you have something to ask, just don’t hesitate to approach the teachers available there and they are most willing to help you. If you have a strong determination and hard work you will succeed into a greater height in your education.

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