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Meet the Teachers

My Teacher Louise
by Hongxin; May 3, 2008


 “Merry Christmas, Hong!” Santa Claus gave me me a candy cane.

I was surprised and looked at this tall Santa with a white beard and scarlet coat. I suddenly realized that it was Louise, my first teacher at the PALC.

She is tall, thin and full of energy, speaking fast and walking briskly. She always smiles before speaking. Teaching English, Science, Mathematics and Accounting, she is really gifted in many ways.

Louise teaches Communications 12, but teaching an adult like me is not easy. I have made so many mistakes in grammar, usage and syntax that I annoy myself very much. But Louise always corrects every error patiently and shows me how it should be done.

I wrote down whatever she corrected in a notebook. When I review it, I can’t help berating myself for such stupid mistakes. However, she never shows any annoyance. I can tell that her smile is genuine. I once asked her if she felt frustrated at times. She said, ”I like teaching adults. I like it.”

Louise, as a young girl, came from Calgary, graduated from UBC with a bachelor’s degree. She willingly devotes herself to teaching in an adult learning centre. At the beginning of her move to the portables, the classrooms weren’t finished. She had to use the cafeteria as a classroom. Twenty-four years have passed since she started teaching in New Westminster. She is a senior teacher now.

One snowy day, I saw her coming to school by bicycle. I was curious about her cycling.

“Cycling twice a week is not only exercise but also protecting the environment-to reduce the gas emissions.” she told me with her smile. Well, the “green rush” is on her feet!

I remember that the colour she likes most is green—the colour of trees, the grasses, and the colour of life. She loves green and is devoted to green causes—teaching and cultivating.

I respect my teacher Louise and very much appreciate her motto: “Be yourself now!” It is the true meaning of life. I told her, ”You are one of the best teachers I have met at the PALC.” I said that from my heart.