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A Pleasant Teacher: Paul
by Kamaljeet; April 27, 2009


“Hi.  How can I help you?”

I heard a very soft and gentle sound behind me. It was my first day in the school, and I was scared because I was new to Canada. I turned back to a very welcoming personality (He asked again, “Do you have an appointment?)

I answered “Yes.”

He was Paul.

Paul is a very well mannered and peace loving person. He has been teaching in the Pearson Learning Center for more than five years and I never saw him unhappy or disappointed with anything.

He attended elementary and secondary school in Vancouver, B.C., and is living now in Richmond with his family—his wife, daughter and  son. His parents are from Europe. Besides English, he is not fluent but he can understand just a little a few other languages. He graduated from the teaching program at UBC. As well, over the years, he has taken additional courses in order to enrich his knowledge and understanding.

He is well rounded. Most evenings I see him in the lab helping students in math, English, science, and accounting.

One day when we were talking about food, he mentioned to me that he loves fast food. I was so surprised because he seemed to be very healthy. But Paul said that he and his family try to eat healthy foods whenever possible

He enjoys reading, cycling, and skiing. Paul also likes to stay updated through the internet on local, national, and global current events.

He believes that, “we should all strive to reach our potential and enjoy what we are doing. I learn a lot from my students. I am very lucky to be a part of the learning community within our learning center, and within the New Westminster District.”

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