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Meet the Teachers

A Young Teacher: Renuka
by Ruth; April 21, 2008

It was a registration day. When I entered the classroom, Renuka greeted me, “Hello Ruth. How are you?”

“I am fine,” I replied.

After looking at my marks, she said, “Oh, you’ve finished English 12. Good! You have done the work in only a year and a half!”

“I’m lucky,” I answered.

“No, it’s nothing to do with luck. I think you are very hardworking.” Her compliment has given me confidence.

I met Renuka in different English classes when she was the substitute teacher of the class I attended. She was also my teacher when I was at level nine in the summer program in 2006. I have a good impression of her because she encouraged me a lot.

The Youngest Teacher at PALC

“Good morning,” Renuka said with a smile when the students of her class assembled. Seeing her the first time, I was surprised that she looked young to be a teacher of adults. I admired her courage to be a teacher at the school where most of the students were much older than she. So, among the teachers of the PALC, she is the youngest! Another interesting thing was that she is left-handed. I liked to look at her beautiful left-handed writing.

A Responsible and Patient Teacher

The summer program was very intensive; we had class every day. Every morning Renuka came to school early and never let students wait for her. She corrected students’ writings one by one until the end of the class time, or, sometimes, even longer. After she had found some corrections necessary, she asked the student some questions: “Why did you write this sentence?” or “What is the title about?” Then, she gave some suggestions on how to improve the writing. Usually, she not only corrected grammar mistakes , but also advised on better usage.

The Most Memorable Thing about Renuka’s Teaching

The most memorable thing for me was that she taught us eight types of transitional words. Since then, my writing has improved by using a variety of transitional words (primarily, in addition, and furthermore) instead of the monotonous “first,” “second,” and “third.”

Family and Education

Renuka was born in New Westminster and has been living in Surrey since she was two years old. She is the youngest daughter of two in the family. Her parents emigrated from India thirty-two years ago. After graduation from high school, she entered U. B. C., majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. She obtained her B. Sc and B. Ed degrees.

Becoming a Teacher

Renuka likes children and helping people. That’s the reason she became a teacher. She was a teacher on call for three years. Being the substitute teacher, she had to teach every subject (from English to Math) and every grade (from kindergarten to grade twelve). Now, she is a full- time teacher at the PALC in place of Trudi for one year.

An Interesting Teaching Experience

When Renuka was teaching Communications 12 at night school, a new adult student came to her class. She sat at a desk and asked the student next to her, “Where is the teacher?” At that moment, Renuka was standing in the front of the class and waiting for the class to begin. However, upon seeing Renuka, she must have decided that it was not possible that Renuka was the teacher. After Renuka answered that she was the teacher, the student exclaimed , “Oh, I didn’t think you could be a teacher because you are so young!”


From left to right: Renuka's sister Monica, her dad, Renuka, her best friend Heather, her mom, her husband Raunak, and her nephew Shrey.

Renuka’s Favourites

Food: Chocolate, lasagne, butter chicken
Language: English, Hindi
Movie: Hindi movies
Book: The Firm by John Grisham
Pastimes: Sudoku, Reading, Entering Contests
Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Quote: You can’t learn if you don’t try!