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Rick: A Surprising Family Man
by Hiromi

It was five p.m. and the lab at the PALC was quiet. The daytime students were gone, and only a couple of students were studying at the big table. Rick had arrived a while before and was preparing for his evening class.

 “I like the environment. It’s nice to work here with mature students,” said Rick, who previously worked at Queensborough Middle School and Royal City Alternate Program for teens. “And the time is perfect. I work in the evening so that I can spend the time with my daughter,” he smiled, referring to his 22 month old daughter, Gabrielle.

The youngest of four, Rick was born and raised in Kelowna B.C. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Simon Fraser University with a scholarship and studied biology.

But he slacked off in the first year. “I was young and having a good time with friends,” he said. “We had fun. And we are still good friends.” He also met his wife, Che-Yin, at SFU. Her parents were from Hong Kong, and she grew up in Prince George.

He graduated in 1994—with a minor credit in economics—and the young couple were married in 1995. Before he was hired by New Westminster School District, he experienced numerous jobs. A nature interpreter and a Canada Customs inspector at the Surrey border are two examples.

He has been teaching at the PALC for three years, and his current courses are English 8, Social Studies 8, and online English 12. “Preparation for the class and marking are tough parts, but it’s great to be here. I’ll stick around till retirement,” he said.

When he was a kid, he wanted to be a comic book artist. Here are some of his favourites.

Hobby: drawing, volley ball, running

Movie: X-Men, Spider-Man

Music: Creed, U2, Three Doors Down

Book: X-Men #140

Indulgence: hamburgers. Big Xtra at McDonald will do.

Pastime: going for coffee at Blenz (Starbucks’ is too strong) with his wife and watching people