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Meet the Teachers

The Warmhearted Science Teacher: Tazim
by Rosaria

She always starts her classes the same way: “Now students . . .” As a student, especially a newcomer, her careful enunciation was a blessing.

I appreciate the devotion of the PALC teachers. They are talented teachers to me but family-like co-workers to each other. The warm atmosphere at the PALC the teachers create, gives me a sense of stability. Most of them willingly encourage me to keep going with my studying. They teach me much more than what is in the textbook. Among them there is Tazim.

The kind teacher, Tazim

Tazim teaches us in the science class how to wash our hands, chew many times, and take a deep breath. We become like teenagers in her class. After the class we still follow her instruction—to eat a rainbow colored diet.

Sharing her story of suffering

Tazim appeals to me because of her private story—a misdiagnosis of cancer—in her science class. Her over six-month story of suffering made my heart skip a beat. It was a deep shock to me.

I appreciate her courage to share the harsh experience and love her generosity. I miss her teacher voice during the lectures.

“Okay, students! Keep exercising!”

Her history in three continents

She was born in Kampala, Uganda. She finished pre-school, elementary, and middle school there. Then she moved to London, England. She completed high school, university, and teacher training there.

Finally,  she moved to Vancouver and taught international students for seven years. She realized her interest in adult education.

In 1989, she became a full-time teacher at the PALC. “Teaching adults is fun,” she said with a smile.

Here are some her favorites

Food: vegetarian and spicy foods
Activity: watching tennis and ice hockey
Religion: Ismaili Muslim
Quote: hard work+ determination= success
Movie: The Firm
Author: John Grisham
Book: Pilot’s Wife
Hobbies: spending time with her son, reading and watching television