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My Charismatic Teacher: Trudi
by Natalia; June 2, 2008


Sometimes, we take a long time to get to know somebody well, but very often we like the person from first sight. These kinds of people have charisma, which is an invisible but powerful quality that makes them very attractive. When I met Trudi for the first time, I fell in love with her sunny, outgoing personality.

In spite of her petite physique, she is a very capable, energetic and hardworking teacher who covers all subjects with great enthusiasm, generously giving part of her energy together with the knowledge. It is awfully hard to teach international adult students, and it is much harder to teach them at night, when they are sleepy and tired after day jobs. Trudi always managed to keep students of her evening English classes alive, fully involved and working hard. Her talent, enthusiasm, good jokes and a nice smile helped students to overcome tiredness and to achieve good results.

I found some of her teaching methods especially useful. She teaches academic English writing with a very analytical approach by clearly explaining grammar rules and structures for different kinds of writing styles. She never fails to repeat grammar rules an extra time and to promote the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) principle for the beginners.

Also, Trudi practices journal writing exercises, which are impromptu pieces on certain subjects that students write during first ten minutes of class. She cares to find interesting themes, to speak briefly about them before writing in order to stimulate the process and to check our works carefully with thoughtful comments and corrections.

Trudi belongs to a happy category of people who have chosen their professions by the call of their heart. “I was interested in language acquisition and discovered that it was great to work with people trying to learn English . . .  I feel that I learn from my students, and I enjoy learning something new,” she explained. She now holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts from SFU, Vancouver and a Masters of Education from City University, Seattle.

At the PALC Trudi has been teaching since 1993. “I enjoy the people the most. It is very rewarding to see adults reaching their goals and feel like I am helping in some way,“  she says. As a PALC teacher, she has to cover several subjects. “My favorite subject is English, but I like teaching math, science, and social studies too. I enjoy the variety that each subject offers.”

Watching her teach, I was worried about her personal life because, in my opinion, she had no time for it at all. Luckily, I was mistaken. Now she is a beloved wife and a happy mother of two beautiful sons, so now also practices preschool education in addition to her already impressive teaching portfolio. She plans for the future: “to teach at the PALC and raise my 2 boys to the best of my ability. When my boys are older and more independent, I would like to go back to school and chase after other dreams.”

Although she is temporarily on leave from PALC, she promised that she would be back, because she loves her profession very much.

Trudi’s Favourites:

Food: all kinds
Activity: hiking/walking with my family, reading/playing with my boys
Place: Queen's Park and New Westminster Quay
TV: Thomas the Tank Engine
Book: “Love you forever” by Robert Munsch

Subjects taught: English, Science, Math, and Social Studies (all up to the grade 10 level), Math 11 Principles, English 10, Communications 12, Literature and Composition, and First Nations 12.

Trudi’s belief about living life is more like the saying - "Life is a journey, so enjoy the trip not just the destination."