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Cultural Differences

The Wall
by Catherine

I noticed a very interesting thing on my first day in Canada: I hardly ever saw a wall in Vancouver! It really surprised me because it is so different to my home country, China.

The Great Wall is the most famous wall in the world (34,600 km long, 12 m high). It was built over 2,000 years ago, by the first emperor of ChinaóQin Shi Huang. He hoped that it could be a solid protection against invading nomadsí tribes from the north.

In the past, from the whole country to every city, an emperorís big palace to a farmerís small house were surrounded by all kinds of walls. Nowadays, every factory, hospital, company, school, library, park, and apartment is still surrounded by high walls.

Walls stand everywhere from ancient to modern times. Compared to other ways, to build walls might be a good idea to forestall break-ins. Iím not worrying about this; Iím worrying about something elseóthe invisible walls between people.

Owing to the uneven development of the economy, we build a rather thick wall in our heartsóof distrust. We donít trust each other any more because we canít. How could we trust each other when some of us have become the haves and others are still the have-nots?

A wall might be able to protect us, but it also might shackle us. How to break those political, institutional, and religious walls might be an international task. I wish some day there will not be any wall in the world except The Great Wall of China.