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Travel Journal

From Forbidden Paradise to Public Resort
by Suzanne

When Judy accompanied me in Taipei, we visited the former presidentís mansion (Shihlinquadi). I have learned a practical lesson from this. I realized that powerful prosperity only exists for a short period. Here's why.

One of the former presidentís mansions, which was a paradise, was a place off limits to the public. People could only guess what it was like. After the president passed away and the power changed to the other party, his descendents could no longer keep the property. Now it has become accessible to the people. It is a popular resort and a lovely place for picture taking, especially for those who love nature.

The entrance to the garden path is flanked by lofty palms on both sides. The exultant feelings surged through me. The fancy landscape includes decorated trees, various flowers, and indoor plants that are breathtaking. For example, a big harp shaped area has been designed to grow small trees and vines, the beautiful rose garden occupies a large space, the various exotic orchids grow in the greenhouse, and the flower arrangements are displayed inside. This enchanting scenery overflows with people.

The garden reminded me of my childhood. I enjoyed the romantic landscape. While sitting on a bench under the big trees, Judy and I had so many recollections. Sometimes I couldnít remember since we became friends 46 years ago. Among the aromatic roses and the colourful butterflies, I enjoyed this atmosphere, especially when the cool breeze passed along.

Before, I couldnít visit this forbidden place; now, after the powerful man is gone, it belongs to everyone. I am happy to share recollections with my friend in this special paradise.