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Writing is Hard
by Brad Hyde

Writing is hard. Itís hard work, hard to teach; itís even harder to evaluate, fairly and with sympathy for the effort thatís gone into a less-than-successful piece.

If Iíve learned anything this year, itís how hard it is to write. My Writing 12 students have been doing battle with the written word for the past seven months.

Not to say it isnít worth it. It is. But because success is so elusive, it can be difficult to carry on, to keep on trying to get it right.

My students have become writers, listening carefully for the phony or the false and really thinking about their reader, stuck in front of a computer screen, straining to make out the words.

They know how to get to the point, how to offer the reader a tasty anecdote. They know how to make it easier to follow ideas and, best of all, they are starting to understand that in writing you are never really done.

(April 9, 2007)