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The Stubborn Husband
by English 12 Students; August 3, 2008

In the following short pieces, students successfully "show" a husband's stubbornness without telling us by using an adjective. Instead, they provide a mini "drama" to help us to really understand!

Packing for Camping
by Victoria

“Pack your warm sweater! It’ll be cold at night.”

“It’s TWENTY FIVE DEGREES!” —the same argument every time.

“You need a sweater. Period,” she replied.

“If I listen to you I’ll have to travel with a whole closet on my back! How about a tie? Do I need a tie to go camping?”

He needed a tie afterwards to hang himself to relieve his struggle with the cold, for he didn’t pack the sweater

On the Way Home
by Andrew

“Oh, not again! John, the elevator is out of order!” She turns back to her husband, holding a full bag of fresh produce and baked goods.

“Don’t we have feet? We walk,” John replies, carrying a 20 kilogram bag of rice, and goes directly to the stairs.

“But our apartment is on sixth floor, and wasn't your back strained a couple days ago?”

“My back is fine. But my stomach is not. I am starving.”

“Ok, ok,” she sighs.

A Big Deal
by Claudia

“I told you to clean your hiking boots before getting inside the car!”

“Why are you always making a big deal for nothing? It is just dirt”
“Fine, I will walk home,” Tom exclaimed

The rain came down without any sign from him. She started to feel depressed.

But, at the back of her mind she wonders if she should go and look for him. 

Set in Stone
by Brad

"Honey, I think we should try something new for dinner tonight."

"What? Isn't tonight steak night? We always have steak on Saturdays," Fred said, glaring over the top of his daily newspaper.

"But you said you wanted to try something new once in a while."

"Maybe so, but I like having my steak on Saturday. We always do. Why change now?

“Oh, all right. Steak it is,” she said as she disappeared back into the kitchen.